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19th JDC Employee Benefits

The 19th JDC Government offers its Full-time Employees an Excellent Benefits Package. Employee Benefits Are:

Civil Leave

Employees may be granted time off without loss of pay or vacation time when performing jury duty, when subpoenaed to appear before a court as a witness.

Credit Union

Chartered in 1949, by the National Credit Union Administration as a non-profit organization for the employees of the 19th JDC. Employees and family members are eligible to join the credit union at any time. Payroll deductions are used for the purchase of shares and the repayment of loans. The credit union offers accounts and money machine use to all members.

Family Medical Leave

An eligible employee shall be entitled to a total of twelve (12) weeks leave per year from day FMLA design.

Funeral Leave

Leave without loss of pay, granted to employees not to exceed two days. See handbook for qualifying family members.

Health Insurance

Various types of health insurance plans are available to City-Parish employees. These include group medical hospitalization program (Point of Service) and a Dental plan.


All employees receive holiday established thru the court holiday schedule.

Life Insurance

City-Parish provides a group life policy on each employee at no cost to the employee. The policy includes both Term Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.

Military Leave

Employee is granted fifteen days per calendar year leave of absence with pay.

Retirement Program

Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System “Lasers”. All employees are automatically enrolled in the system from employment date. The Retirement System is funded by 8 percent contributions by employees and also contributions by the 19th JDC.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned on a pro-rated schedule according to years of service. There shall be no maximum to the number of sick days which may be accumulated.

Tax Deferred Compensation Program

Employees are eligible to have a portion of their salary paid directly to a tax deferred compensation program.

Vacation Leave

Vacation is earned on a pro-rated schedule according to years of service. The maximum number of vacation days that can be accumulated is 420 hours for employees hired after April 22,2015 all other employees are grand fathered into previous policy.

Workers' Compensation

19th JDC employees are covered by the Louisiana State Workers Compensation Act. This is a system for compensating those accidentally injured and/or disabled at a direct result of employment.

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