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Court minutes are entered into the case by the courtroom clerk. This is not a complete record when compared to a case utilizing an electronic recording device or a Court Reporter transcription. A minute order is a typewritten order of the court regarding the transaction that happened at a particular hearing or proceeding. It can be rather brief. A transcript is a word for word transcription of the proceeding recorded in writing by a certified shorthand court reporter. A transcript will be more detailed since the court reporter will have transcribed every word that was said by the court, witnesses and the attorneys. You can usually obtain a copy of the minute order without cost, but you will need to pay the court reporter's fee for a certified copy of the transcript.

All Court Minutes can be requested from:

East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court

Civil Suit Viewing

Suite 3310, 3rd Floor

Address: 300 North Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Phone: (225) 389-3972

All Court Transcripts can be order from:

19th Judicial District Court

Office of Administration

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 Address: 300 North Blvd.

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