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Drug Court is a specialized court designed to deal with non-violent offenders arrested for drug-related criminal activity. In lieu of incarceration, Drug Court participants plead into the Drug Court Program where they receive intensive judicial supervision and substance abuse treatment.


     The 19th JDC Adult Drug Court Program is a minimum of 15 months. In the early phases of the program, participants must report to the Drug Court Judge weekly for status review. In addition, they are required to submit to random drug tests a minimum of two days per week and participate in substance abuse treatment three nights per week. Drug Court participants are also required to seek and maintain full-time employment or be enrolled in school as full-time students. They must report regularly to Probation and are required to perform community service and attend 12-step meetings.

    Upon successful completion of the Drug Court Program, participants are afforded the opportunity to have their drug court eligible charge expunged from their record.

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